What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the perfect tool for driving repeat business through your website or e-commerce store, targeting a carefully collected list of email contacts with relevant content, offers and opportunities. Why let a competitor sell into your customer base when all it takes to generate repeat sales is a targeted email newsletter on a regular basis?

What we Offer:

Email marketing is still an effective form of digital marketing when targeting specific target markets and we are here to work with you. Our Orchid International are here to help you to build up your email list, develop a visually appealing and effective email template and handle the distribution of your newsletter or offers email at the intervals which work best for your business.
By taking an approach of segmenting the correct target market, collecting the right data and carefully planning distribution, we can work with you to deliver a high opening rate as well as a strong return on investment.

What we Deliver:

Orchid International deliver email marketing campaigns which deliver a targeted approach to ensure the strongest possible return on investment.
By carefully identifying your target market for specific offers, events and other pieces of news, we are able to ensure your email marketing campaigns not only meet but also exceed your expectations.