Mobile Web Development

Today it is as much a staple of our daily lives as is the personal computer, making it vital for businesses to not only maintain a comprehensive website, the advent of so-called “smart phones” such as the iPhone or Blackberry has prompted those in the business of building and hosting mobile websites to explore new technological avenues, leading to the creation of “mobile web sites.”
Orchid provides a mobile experience along with a full site experience for the same set of audience is a vital business decision. While the target audience remains the same, the medium has a distinct usage which is completely different form the personal computers. Hence there are several factors that come in to play while designing a mobile website for a brand or product. Right from identifying the business goals a mobile website is aimed at fulfilling, to designing a mobile website which is accessible even at lowest cost.

Without question, the Internet has transformed the way in which most people conduct commerce and gather information.

In essence, a mobile website is a streamlined website, configured to easily fit a “smart phone” screen. This technology allows people easy access to information from their cell phones, something that consumers increasingly not only want, but expect. Anyone who has ever attempted to navigate through a traditional website from a smart phone can appreciate the need for streamlining the process.
A “mobile” website is quicker to navigate than its full-sized counterpart would be. When a traditional website is optimized for use in a “smart phone” or alternative mobile platform it is redesigned to provide information quickly with just a few taps.
It is likely that newspapers will find that mobile web design is an advantageous way to maintain and increase their presence and value with readers and viewers.

We follow a six-step approach to design and launch a mobile website:

• Key Information Identification
• Information Architecting
• Design Process
• Technical Process
• Testing
• Final Launch