Orchid International Digital delivers high impact international paid media anywhere in the world. We focus on delivering targeted paid search campaigns on local search engines thanks to our close partnerships with all the major global search engines.

It’s not just Google. We also work with Yandex and Begun in Russia, Baidu in China and Naver in South Korea. It’s crucial to our client’s campaign success.

The most effective international PPC campaigns are often delivered on local search engines to provide the right brand message to your target audience. It’s here you’ll generate greater ROI and better results both in quality and in volume.

Know your online consumers in any part of the world

Understanding local search behaviours can make a world of difference when it comes to creating efficient paid media campaigns. Our talented in-country teams create, design and manage the most effective international PPC campaigns by using relevant key-phrases that strikes a chord with your online audience. It about generating optimum results for your business through localised copy for your target customer.

What works in one country may never work in another market. That’s why our content uses cultural insights to convince the user to commit to a click. It’s high impact ad copy for better results.

Reality based ROI

Take away the guesswork with our in-market, in-country approach to paid media. Its three tiered methodology means: we never translate, we only deliver bespoke campaigns for each local market and we use multilingual keyphrase research facilities that are second to none. With a range of in-house technology at our fingertips Orchid International provides a totally accurate picture of current multilingual paid media trends that can augment any international digital marketing campaign.

The last piece of the PPC puzzle

Cultural landing page optimisation is more relevant today than ever before. Design elements that move us to scan, click and buy are as culturally unique as the languages we use. Talk to us about how our conversion testing service can help transform international paid media campaigns and make them work harder. After all, digital design is always unique to each target market’s preferences.