We believe in a customer journey that caters for local market needs. Whether it’s understanding how your global customers talk about and search for a particular product, service or solution, we know not one solution is the same for all markets.

Operate in multiple digital markets with Orchid International. As the original multilingual SEO agency, we’ve been here since the start, using technology and local teams to deliver fully loaded websites and digital campaigns that drive ROI in global markets. Online search behaviour, language, technology use and cultural differences are unique in every digital market across the world. Orchid International harnesses these nuances to craft campaigns that appeal and connect the target audience to a brand.

Fully managed multilingual SEO agency

We deliver fully managed international SEO campaigns and optimise global websites to increase search engine visibility – wherever your business needs to be.

Our research and local insights set the foundation of the work we do on your SEO campaign. From keyword themes which will shape our work with you, to the intent of people searching for your products, we get the base message of your SEO right with a list of core keywords that support your brand proposition.

Orchid International conducts in-depth competitor reviews to identify what’s happening in your marketplaces and what your main Search competitors in each country are doing.  The insights we gain from understanding their websites helps inform an ongoing content strategy that will not only engage your target audience but drive visibility with the right brand message.

Our fully managed service also performs an in-depth technical audit at the beginning of every SEO campaign.  This is where one of our expert SEO analysts reviews the setup and health of your website to  resolve any issues with the technical setup of your site and settle problems that could stop search engines from understanding your website. We will also give you advice on how to target your website to the different markets you work in, so that the right message is getting to the right people in the right language.

Orchid International will also make sure that your international websites are visible  in mobile search, wherever you are in the world. The growth in worldwide usage of smartphones and tablets mean that your site needs to cater to the nuanced needs of these online users.

Content-lead strategies

Search engines are increasingly more focussed on determining the precise intent of search queries from their users, Long gone are the days when building 100 links a month would guarantee results. Instead, search engines recognise and favour useful content on a website that is  helpful to a potential customer and proves that a website is an authority in a subject.

While links still matter, search engines now understand if you have earned a link or if you have obtained it by less legitimate means. As a result our International SEO is focussed on the best way to leverage content on your website. We know that delivering excellent content which customers, other websites and search engines will value supports a holistic SEO profile.

Multilingual search opportunities

Operating internationally presents unique challenges. Multilingual SEO keyword phrases are rarely direct translations from one language to another. They’re local, they’re often hybrid, colloquial terms – and totally unique to each online market.

We’re active in more than 30 countries and never lose sight of how important organic search terms are. We make it our business to know where people are searching to leverage your international online presence in the right way. We also make sure your website works well for all search engines as we understand that although Google is big in the US and UK, it’s not the ‘go to’ for people in countries like Russia and China.

Our native speaking search teams include some of the leading specialists in multilingual SEO and international search engine marketing. It’s effective, it’s localised. Talk to Orchid International about: