servicesTracking leads and interviews

You must know exactly what results you achieve your marketing. The technology for lead tracking Orchid measures how each of your marketing tools such as search advertising, social media and SEO work. In addition, every call recorded stemming from the tracking on your website. That means that you know exactly where your leads are looking for and how incoming calls can be best dealt with, so you can close more deals.

Mobile alerts and lead list

Instead of separate leads in real time, you can notice when you get new contacts with mobile notifications Orchid.  Additionally Orchid adds the contact details of each new lead automatically to your lead list, so you can follow them and convert leads to customers.

services2Reporting on and maintain leads

By following new leads after they have contact with you, you can get the most out of your online marketing. After you’ve assigned a lead sends Orchid them a series of compelling emails to maintain the lead, letting you stay in their attention during their buying cycle. In addition,

the system sends you and your staff regular reminders to follow personally all new leads so you get more customers..


Efficiency Reporting and insights into leads

Orchid internet and mobile app reports show you exactly what marketing resources come from your leads. Additionally Orchid goes a step further to help you determine your lead-to-customer conversion rate and the resulting calculation resulting revenue. All this so you know the real return on your marketing and optimize your budget to achieve even better results.